Manufacturing Visual System/Paperless Manufacturing

Manufacturing Visual System/Paperless Manufacturing

Hi Everyone!

I have a project that I do not know where to start so I come here to you to see if you guys can provide some feedback.

First, I'm not an engineer-just wanted to get it out of the way.

I'm sure you might be asking yourself, "The hell you doing here if you are not an engineer"? Well, to answer that question, I work in a manufacturing environment, but in IT.

Long story short, I was given an project to eliminate printing/paper as much as possible… Paperless Manufacturing

Currently, every time they need to manufacture components, user normally prints stacks of paper to start production. Basically all they print is the BOM and CAD drawing to get a visual (if there is any angles in the press brake, tube cutter…etc)

My research has lead me to few possibilities which I think is over kill for our current manufacturing environment

Anyone using a similar a system in your manufacturing environment?

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